I Can Do Anything! But what?!

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May 18, 2013 by growingaworld

It’s true, when the baby is asleep, or staying with his grandparents, I can do anything. So why on earth do I sit on the sofa, doing sudoku’s and watching music videos, waiting for somebody to tell me what to do?

I could write. I’m starting something, just for a local competition, but every idea seems fraudulent… as though I’m stealing somebody’s idea because I can’t think of one of my own. For example: a friend told me of her sister’s upcoming research trip to the Amazon Rainforest (I know, wow!). So when I’m trying to come up with an original idea and a research trip to the amazon comes up, and obliterates all other ideas, I can’t allow myself to write it. It’s not mine.

Of course, I could write it anyway and make it mine in the process… Great artists do spend a lot of time stealing… but the baby’s awake just as I begin and I have to wait until my next chance.

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