A Compliment or an Insult

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October 17, 2012 by growingaworld

Call me a crime against feminism, but personally, I love it when a man whistles at me on the street. It doesn’t happen often, which is probably why it doesn’t bother me, and especially not when I’m pushing a pram, but when it does, my first thought is not to spin round and stick two fingers up.


Frankly, if women want to be treated equally, we’re going to have to accept that we aren’t more equal than men. If we can ogle muscular builders in tight T-shirts while they work, why can’t they look back? As long as no groping goes on, who cares?

Perhaps it comes from being at a predominantly male establishment for so long. In the first two weeks of term at this school, the boys play a game called “Tell ‘Er”, in which any boy who makes a comment about a girl, be it “she’s got a lovely arse” or “her hair is incredible”, he must then tell her. Obviously, this is terrifying for the girls, but a lot of the time you get a genuinely nice compliment. For example, a friend of mine was approached by a rather nervous looking boy who said “You might be a good laugh”, and she proved him right. The rest of the time you get things shouted at you from afar like “fancy a fuck?” or something equally crude, but (as much as they might protest, and aside from the truly offensive comments which are, frankly, bullying) the girls love it. Any 17 year old girl loves attention from boys, and a little feeling of joy bubbles up out of the anger our feminist mothers taught us, and we know that a few moments ago, we were being discussed by BOYS.

The reason I bring this hideous but fun game up is because I was recently revisiting the school, and having just regained my pre-pregnancy weight I was happily sauntering along, when from one of the boarding house windows a boy stuck his head out and roared “MILF!” obviously he was one who knew exactly who I was, “that girl what had a baby and that”, but his first thought wasn’t to shout “slag”, “preggers” or anything else attributed to teenage mothers, but “mother I’d like to fuck”. And although I wouldn’t go near anyone who shouts at women from windows, it’s nice to know that I’m still sexy.

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