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October 16, 2012 by growingaworld

I haven’t posted for a while, but in between Maths, English and a teething baby (he’s got his first coming through just now) I’ve managed to read the paper now and again, and there is some bloody amazing stuff going on. Shelby Holmes, the travelling daughter of a fairground showman family has been accepted into Trinity College, Oxford, a college which I myself considered before deciding I didn’t have the motivation.

The Week magazine published Shelby’s self-penned story, which tells of a life on the road, torn between school and her culture, and it has made me think. She writes about being called “swot” at home and “pikey” elsewhere, being discouraged from reading by her parents and told to do some real work, and learning the tricks of the family trade. At GCSE she achieved 5 A*s, 1B and the rest As, the same as myself, without the privileged education or time to read that I had. Shelby revised for her A Levels “in the back of a lorry by torchlight” and got the high grades required to study at Oxford.

And here I am, feeling sorry for myself and doubting my own abilities to cope with A Levels and a child. I’d like to extend my wholehearted congratulations to this girl, and wish her good luck at Oxford: she truly is an inspiration.

For more about Shelby’s story visit

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